Current Area of Interest (unless noted otherwise)

Abramson, Samuel
Southern U.S., Post-World War II U.S.
Beekman, Cami  20th Century US, Latin America, Race and Class  
Bell, Patricia  Agricultural and environmental history of the U.S. Deep South and Gulf Coast after Reconstruction and up to 1920
Brand, Lauren
U.S. 19th Century and Native American History
Breeden, Edwin C.
Post-World War II U.S., American South, race and segregation, education, regionalism
Chandler, L. Renee
African American History, U.S. Women, Black Transnationalism, Black Feminism lrenee
Evelyn, Ashley      African American, U.S. and Latin American Penal History, and Race and Labor Relations in U.S. and Brazil ashley.evelyn
Earle, Blake
U.S. 19th Century politics, Foreign Relations
Francis, Hannah  Atlantic World, 18th Century US, Women and Gender, and African American History  
George, Nate  U..S ForeignPolicy, the Arab World, imperialism, colonialism, modern revolutions and liberation struggles
Honnette, Alyssa
19th and 20th Century U.S. Women, Youth and Sexuality/ U.S. South Alyssa.Honnette
Johnson, Andrew Early America, Atlantic World, Slavery, Native American david.a.johnson
Jones, William 19th century U.S. South; Slavery; acculturation and migration  william.d.jones
Kennedy, Wright Medical History, 19th century America, economic history, and Latin America sheridan.w.kennedy
Khan, Suraya
U.S. and the Middle East
 Marks, John  Race, Freedom, and Slavery in the United States, Latin America, and Atlantic World
McCall, Keith   Nineteenth century U.S. slavery and emancipation; black migration after emancipation; black farmers, landownership, and agrarianism kdm7
Montalvo, Maria

19th century America, History of Medicine, southern history, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Atlantic World  

Pasierowska, Rachael American Slavery, comparative slavery, race in the Atlantic World rachael.l.pasierowska
Prattas, Angela
19th Century U.S. South and Brazil
Ponton, David
African American and Women's History     
Ragsdale, Rhonda
Social Movements, Migration, African American History, Southern History, Gender, Sexualities
Regelski, Christina  18th and 19th century US South, material culture and digital history  
Rendon, Erika Latin America, Mexico, cultural history  err3
Rhodehamel, Kelyne  Modern Middle East, Colonialism, and U.S. Foreign Policy kelyne.b.rhodehamel
 Rogers, Cara  The intersection of race, ideas, and politics in the 19th century U.S and in the Atlantic world
Skidmore, Wes Comparative history of abolitionism and emancipation in the nineteenth century
Smith, Sean  Atlantic World, History of Science and Medicine, and Slavery and the Origins of Race  
Stewart, Whitney  Race, Identity, and Culture in the Atalntic World; Material and Visual Culture
Weber, Kelly
Women's History, U.S. South, 19th Century
Xie, Xinqiu Modern Chinese History, Chinese intellectual History, Asian American Studies xinqiu.xie