As we move forward into the tech age, we are constantly rolling out and improving our programs and software. We recently adopted (Fall '15) the Degreeworks degree-planning software and as with all new adoptions of technology there are some complications (unforseen and unexpected).

If you have signed into degreeworks and noticed any of the following:

  • classes not showing up as part of your major
  • classes not showing up in the correct field (ie: a class should be counted as your premodern study is counting as your African study, or similar)
  • degreeworks is telling you to take more directed electives
  • or any other suspicions or anxiety causing problems with degreeworks

Please contact Dr. Lisa Balabanlilar at: or the Department Coordinator, Erin Baezner at: with all degreeworks concerns. Remember to include your name, student ID number and concern in your email. We will set up a short advising session to cover all concerns and make sure that everything is in order.

If you were thinking of adding history as a second or third major and have noticed the same problem, please let us know!