The Charles S. Garside, Jr. Prize in History

The Charles S. Garside, Jr. Prize in History is awarded to distinguished students of history – undergraduate or graduate – to honor the memory of Charles S. Garside, Jr., a member of the Rice history department from 1966 to 1987. The prize offers outstanding students time to broaden and deepen their education through travel and reflection.

Any member of the history department can make nominations for consideration. Students who will have completed at least six (6) history courses by the time of application and who have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.2 are eligible to apply directly.

The application for the award consists of:

  • A 2 page statement of plans and a 1 page budget
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation from members of the history department
  • A current transcript

The application is due in the history department by 5:00 PM, February of the year in which the student is seeking the award. (ie: if travel is to take place in December of 2017, the application must be in by February 2017; if travel is to take place in January of 2017, the application is due in February 2016)

In making awards, the prize committee will give preference to undergraduates and multiple awards can be issued every year. Recipients must complete their period of travel and reflection within fifteen (15) months of receiving the prize (which is normally awarded at graduation). Awardees must submit a brief account of their travels (in a NON-PDF format, preferrably Word) to the history department and to the Garside Family.  The prize may not be used for tuition within the United Sates nor may it be used in lieu of a graduate fellowship from Rice. The prize committee is under no obligation to make an award in any given academic year.


Ben Hawriluk, Tianwei Liu, Rebecca L. Powell


Monica Melendez, Mary Charlotte Carroll, Camille Denton, Jungbin Lim, Joel Thompson


Emma Hurt, Kara van Schlifgaarde, Walter Hurst Williamson, Yuanzhou Wu


Angela Wu Guo, Alaina Laszewski, Amber Mirajkar, Allison G. Raven, Maria Montalvo (GS)


Louise Bentsen, Kaitlin Doody, Mariel Rodriguez, Elizabeth Tacy, Stephanie Wu


Batoul Abuharb, Allison Korinek, Marielle Schweickar, Hannah Thalenberg, Graham West, Jaclyn Youngblood


Thomas Campbell, Criag Labatte


Burton DeWitt, Kelin Marie Herrington, Nicholas Muscara, Katherine O'Sullivan


William Glas-Hochstettler,  Coris E. Salmeron, Embre J. Smith


Adriana Grivas, Jaymin Kim, Jacob Neu


Stephen Adams, Matthew Harrigan, Elizabeth Klacynski, Laura Szarmach


Daniel Holman, Jo Ling Ken, Jordana Mosten, Jonathan Verma


Daniel Franke, Ian Furman, Phillip Levine, Taryn Roos