C. Beekman

First-Year Graduate Student
B.A. Rollins College, 2014
Fields of Study: 
  • American South
  • U. S. Women's History
  • Science and Technology
Research Interests: 

My interests mainly lie at the intersection of gender, sexuality, and motherhood in the nineteenth-century American South. These connections become most visible, for me, in the arena of science and medicine. I am increasingly interested in cases and perceptions of abortions and infanticide in across the color line in the South. My current, on-going project examines both the white and black communities' perceptions of abortion and infanticide in the antebellum era. 



I currently hold bachelors degrees from Rollins College in History and in International Relations. My undergraduate research focused primarily on organizational diversity in the American eugenics movement, including its integration with the birth control movement during the Progressive Era. Since arriving at Rice, my interests have shifted to the antebellum era, but I continue to be interested in the cultural signifigance of fertility control. 

I am particularly interested in the framework and theories of Science and Technology Studies scholarship. My work on gender and sexuality in the antebellum South will investigate the role of science and technology in the development of cultural ideas, specifically in the arena of women's health. I use the lens of fertility control as a way to examine science and technology's role in revealing the emotional effects of slavery on white and black men and women in the American South. My advisor is Randal Hall.