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The Rice University History Department offers the advantages of a major research university in an intimate and supportive intellectual community.  We train students for academic and research positions in the following fields:

  1. United States History, including colonial North America and the U.S. South
  2. Latin American History
  3. Middle Eastern History
  4. Trans-national Asian History
  5. The History of the United States and the World

Our program is characterized by small classes and close student-mentor collaboration, and our department is able to provide substantial financial support for graduate student research.   All of our students have fully funded five year stipends (which include tuition remission), and all are guaranteed a chance to work closely with an experienced teacher to learn how to organize and teach a university level history class.  Our doctoral program produces graduates who are prepared for careers as professional researchers and teachers both within and outside of the academy.

Currently ranked #1 for the Top Degree History Graduate Program by graduateprograms.com!