Sean Morey Smith

PhD Candidate
MA, Rice University, 2017
MA, University of Houston, 2014
BA, Rice University, 2005
Fields of Study: 
  • Atlantic World
  • Slavery and Race
  • History of Science and Medicine
  • Digital Humanities
Research Interests: 

My research focuses on medical and scientific arguments for and against slavery in the Anglophone Atlantic between roughly 1733 and 1833. This includes research into the expansion of slavery in the nascent United States, anti-slavery campaigns against the Atlantic slave trade, as well as justifications for settling former slaves and their descendants in Sierra Leone and Liberia. Ultimately, this research seeks to relate popular understandings of disease, slavery, and bodies to the emergence of racial science. 

I am also interested in applying digital humanities (DH) techniques such as GIS mapping and statistical textual analysis to historical research. Currently, I am involved in a handful of DH projects including the imagineRio historical mapping project, a study of DH uses of GitHub, and an effort to digitize historical medical directories into a database format.