Xinqiu Xie

Xinqiu Xie
Graduate Student
M.A. Shantou University, P.R. China, 2010
B.A. Shantou University, P.R. China, 2006
Fields of Study: 

-        Asian American Studies

-        Modern Chinese History

-        Transnationalism and Chinese Diaspora

Research Interests: 

After receiving a BA in English language and literature, I received an MA in American Studies and Asian American Studies. Currently I’m working toward a doctoral degree in Transnational Modern Chinese History at Rice University. 

Selected recent publications 

      o   "War Trash: War Memoir as a ‘False Document,’” Amerasia Journal (38:2), 2012.  

      o   Forthcoming -- “The Heathen are Demanding the Gospel: Conversion and Redemption in Early African Colonization,”  in Beverly Tomek, ed. Reconsiderations and  Redirections in the Study of African Colonization. (University Press of Florida, 2014)     

Fulbright Institute participation 

       o   Sept. 25-30, 2011, BFSU Fulbright Program: Culture and Society of 19th Century America, Beijing, P.R. China. 

       o   September 19-26, 2009: Fulbright Seminar on “America: 1945-1976,” Shantou, P.R. China.

       o   May 12-17, 2008: Fulbright American Literature Research Seminar, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.