Undergraduate Research Funding and How to Apply

The Department of History is proud to announce the Ira and Patricia Gruber Fund for Undergraduate Research

This fund supports, among other things, independent research projects carried out by history majors under the supervision of department faculty.  Typical forms of support include reimbursements or advances for travel to an archive to do research, or to a conference to present a paper. 

Here are the rules:

  • You must be a history major
  • You must have already taken a HIST 400-level course, or be currently enrolled in one.
  •  You must have already taken a course with the supervising faculty member, or be currently enrolled in one.
  •  If the proposed research is to be carried out during the academic year, you and your professor should arrange it as a HIST 300 course (Independent Study), for the appropriate amount of credit. 

Exceptions to the above rules require approval of the Undergraduate Committee. 

There is no application deadline.  However, we need some lead time for making a decision. Therefore, please apply at least several weeks before you wish to register for a HIST 300 or otherwise begin your work. 

Please provide these materials for your application:

  • A statement describing the planned research (1-2 pages long)
  • A budget of anticipated expenses.  Feel free to consult with the History Department Coordinator, Erin Baezner, about how to draw up your budget.
  • A letter of support to be provided directly to us by your supervising professor

The History Department Coordinator will receive your applications.  Funding decisions are made by the Department Chair, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, and the supervising professor.