positions: asia critique


Single Paper Submissions

All single manuscripts must be submitted via ScholarOne for publication consideration.

To submit a new manuscript, please visit ScholarOne, create an account, click the “Author” tab, and select “Start New Submission.” If you have difficulty registering or submitting your manuscript, please contact us at position@rice.edu.

We are no longer accepting new submissions on Editorial Manager. Revisions, however, may still be submitted there.

Refer to the Style Guide and Art Guidelines pages for further information. If you have any difficulties with the process, contact the journal at position@rice.edu. Note these essentials:

abstract and keywords: you are required to include an abstract (written in the third person) and keywords (maximum five (5), separated by commas) as part of the initial submission process; there's no need to also include them in the manuscript you upload to Editorial Manager.

blinding: manuscripts must have all evidence of the author's identity removed from the manuscript including the endnotes upon initial submission – send us blind copies of your paper. Author information, including the author's name, will be incorporated into the paper only upon final acceptance. Your name should not appear in the names of the files (eg manuscript, figures, permissions log) that you upload to Editorial Manager. The only exception to blinding is the author bio; this is for the journal's information and will not be seen by reviewers.

double-spacing: all manuscripts must be typed and double-spaced throughout, including quotations, reference lists and endnotes.

length: manuscripts should not exceed 9,000 words/60,000 characters with spaces (CWS). Include references and endnotes in the count. Your manuscript needs to meet at least one of these limits: words or CWS.

numbering: use Arabic numerals for endnotes and number pages on the bottom right hand corner. Do not number sections or headings, or lines. To show two different levels of heading, use different formatting eg level #1 bold, level #2 bold+italic.

style guide: manuscripts must adhere to the positions style guide or they will not be considered for publication.

style change: from the start of volume 25 (2017), positions' style has changed to in-text citations with full reference list. Endnotes may still be used, but only as indicated in the style guide.

Length limits

Please note our new policy: Due to the current conditions in the publishing world, page limits are no longer negotiable and we expect that essays will rarely exceed 30 typeset pages (9,000 words; 60,000 characters with spaces), including references and endnotes.

Special Issue Submissions

Please send a detailed proposal of the special issue to positions: asia critique, including the following:

– title
– abstract for the project; introduction and/or outline
– table of contents
– list of contributors
– abstracts for each essay

Correspondence address


Tani Barlow, Senior Editor
positions: asia critique
Rice University, MS #42
6100 Main St.
Houston, TX 77251-1892

For style and reference information, please refer to the Style Guide page and the positions style guide.