Randal L. Hall

Randal L. Hall
Associate Professor of History
Editor, Journal of Southern History
Ph.D. Rice University
B.A. Wake Forest University
331 Humanities
Areas of Interest: 
  • Southern history
  • Economic history
  • U.S. environmental history
Research and Teaching: 

Dr. Hall offers a graduate research seminar on the history of the U.S. South, a graduate reading seminar on U.S. environmental history, and directed readings as needed. He is available to supervise fields in Southern history and U.S. environmental history and to serve on U.S. history dissertation committees.  His undergraduate courses emphasize discussion, analytical writing, and the close reading of primary sources.

Selected Publications: 
  •  Mountains on the Market: Industry, the Environment, and the South (Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2012).
  •  Seeing Jefferson Anew: In His Time and Ours, co-edited with John Boles (University of Virginia Press, 2010).
  • “Robinson Newcomb and the Limits of Liberalism at UNC: Two Case Studies of Black Businessmen in the 1920s South” (with Ken Badgett), North Carolina Historical Review 86 (October 2009), 373–403.
  • Lum and Abner: Rural America and the Golden Age of Radio. (Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2007).
  • William Louis Poteat: A Leader of the Progressive-Era South (Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2000).