lisa balabanlilar
Lisa Balabanlilar

Associate Professor; Research Areas: South Asia, Eastern Islamic World, Early Islamic History, Ottoman Middle East

barlow headshot
Tani Barlow

George and Nancy Rupp Professor of Humanities; Research Areas: Modern Chinese Intellectual History, Feminist Theory, Gender and Social Science

douglas brinkley
Douglas Brinkley

Katherine Tsanoff Brown Professor in Humanities; Research Areas: U.S. foreign policy, U.S. Political History, Environmental history, Civil Rights

alex byrd teaching
Alexander Byrd

Associate Professor; Research Areas: Atlantic World, African Diaspora, U.S. African American

caldwell headshot
Peter C. Caldwell

Samuel G. McCann Professor of History; Research Areas: Modern Germany, Modern Europe, Politics, Law and Social Thought, Political Economy and Thought, Modern European Intellectual History

canning headshot
Kathleen Canning

Dean of Humanities, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of History

citino headshot
Nathan Citino

Barbara Kirkland Chiles Professor of History; Research Areas: United States and the World, Middle East, Modernization and Development, Modern U.S.

cohen headshot
G. Daniel Cohen

Samuel W. & Goldye Marian Spain Associate Professor; Areas of Research: Modern France, Modern Europe, Human rights and migration studies

domingues headshot
Daniel Domingues

Associate Professor; Research Areas: Early Africa, Atlantic Africa, Modern Africa, African Diaspora, Slavery & Abolition

Hall headshot
Randal L. Hall

William P. Hobby Professor of American History; Editor, Journal of Southern History; Research Areas: Southern history, Economic history, U.S. Environmental History

irish headshot
Maya Soifer Irish

Associate Professor; Director, Medieval and Early Modern Studies Program; Research Areas: Medieval Europe, Medieval Iberia, Medieval Borderlands

lan li headshot
Lan Li

Assistant Professor; Research Areas: Medical Humanities, East Asian Science Technology and Society Studies (STS), History of Medicine, History of Science

lopez alonso headshot
Moramay López-Alonso

Associate Professor; Adjunct Associate Professor of Economics; Research Areas: History of Mexico and Latin America, Economic History, History of Public Health

maas headshot
Michael R. Maas

William Gaines Twyman Professor of History; Research Areas: Ancient Greece and Rome, Late Antiquity and Early Byzantium

ussama headshot
Ussama Makdisi

Arab-American Education Foundation Professor in Arabic Studies; Research Areas: Modern Arab History, U.S.-Arab Relations, Ottoman History, Sectarianism

mcdaniel head shot
W. Caleb McDaniel

Department Chair; Mary Gibbs Jones Professor of Humanities; Professor of History; Research Areas: Nineteenth-Century U.S., Slavery and Emancipation, American Civil War Era, Transatlantic Activism and Abolitionism; Social, Cultural, and Intellectual History, Transnational History

metcalf headshot
Alida Metcalf

Harris Masterson, Jr., Professor of History; Research Areas: Rio de Janeiro, Colonial Brazil, Atlantic World

petrick headshot
Elizabeth Petrick

Associate Professor; Research Areas: Computer Technology, Use of Technology, Disability, Civil Rights

Pollnitz headshot
Aysha Pollnitz

Associate Professor; Co-Director Politics, Law and Social Thought; Research Areas: Early Modern Europe, Intellectual and Cultural History, Political and Religious Thought, History of Education

sanders headshot
Paula A. Sanders

Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies; Research Areas: Islamic history and culture, 7th-15th centuries; History of architectural preservation in the Middle East; Jews in the lands of Islam, Cairo Geniza

sayuri headshot
Sayuri Guthrie Shimizu

Professor; Dunlevie Family Chair; Research Areas: US and the World, History of Modern International Relations, International Political Economy, Pacific World, Global History of Sports

sidbury headshot
James Sidbury

Professor; Andrew W. Mellon Distinguished Professor of Humanities; Research Areas: Early American history, Atlantic history, Southern history, History of race and slavery, Native American history

potts headshot
William Suarez-Potts

Associate Professor; Research Areas: Legal History, Labor History, History of Capitalism, Latin American History, Mexican History, Borderlands and Immigration History

ward headshot
Kerry Ward

Associate Professor; Research Areas: Slavery, Bondage, Emancipation, and Diaspora; Global South; Civil Rights, Human Rights and International Law; and Women, Gender, and Sexuality

wildenthal headshot
Lora Wildenthal

John Antony Weir Professor; Research Areas: Modern Germany, European women and gender, Human rights, Modern colonialism

yarbrough headshot
Fay Yarbrough

Associate Professor; Research Areas: American Indian History, African American History, Southern History

zammito headshot
John Zammito

Baker College Chair for History of Science, Technology and Innovation; Research Areas: European history from 1450-1815, European intellectual history from the scientific revolution to the French Revolution, German Idealism and Romanticism, History of Science, Copernicus to Darwin