Research Assistantships

History Department Faculty Undergraduate Research Assistance (RA) Request

Purpose of undergraduate RA program

The undergraduate RA program has two equally important purposes:

  • to provide research assistance to faculty
  • to enhance undergraduate student research skills

Students should spend a significant part of their time doing actual research under your direction. Time spent on clerical tasks (e.g., photocopying or scanning, etc.) should be minimal.

Who is eligible for this program?

  • Faculty
  • Students
    • the student must have taken or be enrolled in at least two (6 credit hours total) history courses at the time of application
    • preference will be given to History majors

    Application Process

    • Address your request to the DUS and send via email to
    • Description of the research project and work undergraduate RA would do as part of that project
      • Decisions will be based on matches of students to faculty research interests, background and training.
      • Faculty requesting an assistant should be able to confirm that they will be available for and committed to mentoring their undergrad assistant for the term of service.
      • Requests for travel funds for the Research Assistant may be considered provided that the faculty member also provides some funding.

      Rate of pay, maximum hours, and other details

    • The rate of pay for undergraduate RAs is $13/hr
    • Academic year undergraduate RAs may work a maximum of 12 hours/week and 150 hours total in a semester
    • RAs may not work on university holidays or during final exams week.
    • During the summer, undergraduate RAs may work full or part time for two months, up to a maximum of 320 hours, as agreed to by both student and faculty mentor and subject.
    • Upon completing the assistantship, students will submit a CV and 1-2 page reflection on the experience to the UG Committee. These materials must be submitted within 2 weeks after completing the assistantship.