Honors Program

Honors Program

Qualified undergraduates for the Honors Program will enroll for 6 credit hours of directed honors research and writing (HIST 403 in Fall, HIST 404 in Spring); completing an honors thesis in their senior year (these 6 hours are in addition to the 30 hours required for the major).

Limited financial assistance is available to conduct related research during the summer between the junior and senior year for all students accepted into the Honors Program. Please email hist@rice.edu for more information about funding honors projects.

How to apply for the History Honors Program


  • Must be a declared History major
  • Must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher in previous history classes.
  • Project Proposal: (2-3 pages in length), indicating research goals, potential sources, awareness of the existing relevant scholarship, and your background knowledge (knowledge of the languages required, relevant courses taken). This needs to include a list and description of potential primary sources you will be using. We recommend sharing a draft proposal with your prospective adviser and incorporating their feedback.
  • 2 letters of recommendation: One from the advising History faculty member on your proposed Thesis, The other from another member of the History faculty who is familiar with your work. Ask the faculty members to send them directly to histdus@rice.edu
  • A writing sample: Two to three papers from prior courses in history, which are representative of your writing and critical skills, and demonstrate your ability to work with primary and secondary sources.

Confirm due date to send all of these documents, in PDF form to histdus@rice.edu with the DUS. Please include in your email who your letters of recommendation will be coming from.

Please contact the department coordinator for more information including application times and deadlines.