The Global South

This thematic cluster critically engages the concept of the Global South at three levels. First, the concept is mobilized in the traditional idiom of International Relations theory as a post-Cold War alternative to the “Third World” to define spaces and peoples disadvantaged by the current phase of capitalist development. It also highlights material flows and peoples subjugated within the borders of wealthier nations as a way to capture the deterritorialized geography of contemporary capitalism. Finally, it foregrounds the resistant movements generated by a transnational political subject united in a shared experience of subjugation through time and space.

Alexander X. Byrd

Nathan Citino

Daniel Domingues

Moramay López-Alonso

W. Caleb McDaniel

Alida C. Metcalf

Sayuri Guthrie Shimizu

William Suarez-Potts

Fay Yarbrough